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Leaderless uses technology and leadership skills to educate people about how to lead humanity into a principled, transparent, self-organizing society.


Leaderless uses technology and leadership skills to educate people about how to lead humanity into a principled, transparent, self-organizing society.










What is Leaderless

Leaderless is about you the Leader - guiding the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the benefit of all humanity!

For the first time in our history, we have enough technology to be able to give people more control over the decision making processes. Leaderless will help educate people about how we can achieve this. It will require a drastically different outlook on life to make way for a new and improved way of approaching the problems we face and how to solve them.

"The Fourth Industrial Revolution will change our relationship to life, our relationship to the planet, our relationship to work" ... and our relationship to ourselves .

Why Leaderless

Joblessness In a world where automation, robotics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence will cause job losses, our focus needs to be more on collaboration than competition to do business with purpose over profit.

Leadership Many of our political and corporate leaders, who's duty it is to lead and grow society, have failed us and we need new ways to take ownership again. By decentralizing society, removing the hierarchies and encouraging collaboration, we can create the world we want to live in. Manifested by the people.

Direction We believe that most people are unhappy with their lives because they don't know who they truly are in this fast-paced life. We believe technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence and Blockchain will cut out the middleman in almost every industry. We believe this will free many people to seek and find themselves again in order to live a more meaningful life.

We believe, we're in the business of buying time for people to reach their highest potential.


How will we build a future of equality and guide humanity in a direction of values and principles



Ensure eCommerce
takes off in Africa


Decentralised Innovation Villages

Build self-sustaining Innovation Villages
along a 3000km fibre optic network.


Build Mindful

Connect with mindful people who want
drastic positive change in the world.


Build A
Mindful World

Combine everything learned since 2015,
one village at a time.


Teach The Youth How To Disrupt The Adults

Combine everything we have done since 2015 and teach the youth how to disrupt the adults.

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By James van der Hoven | 26 May 2020

S01E00 – A short welcome to the Leaderless podcast

By James van der Hoven | 19 March 2020

Become an Affiliate Marketer to help people prepare for joblessness in the digital age of disruption

By James van der Hoven | 22 January 2019

We have 571 weeks left until 2030 to make significant changes to our climate – let’s go! In our previous post, we chatted about how we are going to get organised to help an entire country pivot and shift into the digital age of disruption. Our initial goal is to get at least one Virtual…

Getting Organised, Building Trust and Removing Greed

By James van der Hoven | 3 January 2019

We wish you only the best for 2019. Following on from our post on the 1st about taking extreme ownership, we explain how we as South Africans will get organised and begin taking extreme ownership of our own lives this year. Why do we need to do this? Because we’ve lost trust in the systems…

Goodbye 2018, hello extreme ownership in 2019

By James van der Hoven | 31 December 2018

Ask not what your country did for you in 2018, ask what you can do for your country in 2019 ~ (a slight change to John F. Kennedy’s words) As we say goodbye to 2018, a year filled with more political chaos and scandal than one could ever need in a lifetime, I am filled…

Looking For Ecommerce Social Entrepreneurs With Serious Grit to build Wakanda in South Africa

By James van der Hoven | 9 August 2018

We’re looking for Ecommerce Social Entrepreneurs with Serious Grit! In this post, we speak about our plans to build Decentralised Innovation Hubs and how we will bypass supermarkets using Ecommerce and Blockchain technology.

Asking our clients for help to build a big 3D printer

By James van der Hoven | 24 July 2018

What if we could 3D print our own cars, disrupt the transport industry and clean up the planet in the process?

The Long Ride To Freedom – connecting the dots

By James van der Hoven | 19 June 2018

In October we head up the coast of South Africa to identify land for our Decentralised Innovation Hubs and to educate people about ecommerce.

Shuttleworth Foundation – the first big funding application

By James van der Hoven | 24 May 2018

It’s off! Our first big funding application to help us build the next stages of Leaderless from the Shuttleworth Foundation! Next stop an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to crowd fund additional funding to help Social Entrepreneurs create jobs of the future.

Leaderless is now a Non Profit Company!

By James van der Hoven | 5 May 2018

At long last, Leaderless is a registered as a Non Profit Company. In this post we talk about the Hybrid model we will be following.

Elon Musk is not going to Mars, he’s hopping to Kepler-186f

By James van der Hoven | 5 May 2018

I don’t think Elon Musk is going to Mars, I think he is going to hop from one planet to another. And the more I think about what we’re doing at Leaderless, the more I realise that we’re preparing people to hop through space some day. Let me explain…

Why we will need a Universal Basic Income

By James van der Hoven | 13 April 2018

Many people ask me, “when are we going to make money out of Bitcoin again?” My answer is always the same. “You will make money with Bitcoin, but you’re missing the entire point of Bitcoin” What many people are not seeing are the parallels that are happening in the world at the same time. It…

Decentralised innovation hubs of the future

By James van der Hoven | 10 April 2018

What if we never have to worry about food, water, data or electricity again? What if we can create a universal basic income for people living in decentralised innovation hubs that teach people how to take ownership? What if people can choose their own laws using smart contracts and artificial intelligence within these decentralised innovation…

What if we could watch a million different versions of the same movie with Bitcoin

By James van der Hoven | 30 March 2018

I took down my television antenna just the other day and as I looked at this wire mesh that had blown skew in the wind in 2011, rendering nothing but white snow, I was struck by how much this piece of metal had managed to influence my entire life which then sparked a train of…

What if Bitcoin is just an agreement to set us free from fear

By James van der Hoven | 25 February 2018

If ever you’ve read The Four Agreements and the Fifth agreement, and truly allowed these principles to sink in and let it become your new reality, then you would understand that everything in life is just an agreement in some form or another. So too is it with money.   I’d like to add a…

Funding Leaderless. PTY vs Non Profit vs ICOs

By James van der Hoven | 2 February 2018

Yesterday, I went to see our accountant about setting up the Non Profit entity for Leaderless. Initially, I wanted to set Leaderless up as a profit making  business that uses it’s profits to do more social good but after consulting with other Non Profits and to win trust among more people at the end of…

Planting trees in a decentralised innovation hub to create jobs of the future

By James van der Hoven | 21 January 2018

What if we could give our kids a jump start to use their Universal Basic Salaries to explore the world and plant trees using the technologies of the 4iR?

12 Books that most influenced Leaderless in 2017

By James van der Hoven | 9 January 2018

Change may not be the word that many people like but as the saying goes, “There is only one constant, and that is change”. So may 2018 be brimmed with new opportunities and changes in everyone’s lives. 2017 Was a year of incredible learning and networking and understanding. For me personally, the Satoshi (penny) dropped…

Meeting with Judge Heath to help change our laws to accommodate technology

By James van der Hoven | 22 November 2017

The technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will affect everyone’s lives, even judges and attorneys as Artificial Intelligence shows in this video that it is time to rethink what lawyers jobs will look like in the future.

5 Small steps to a semi-decentralised society

By James van der Hoven | 31 October 2017

It’s become very clear that our leaders simply cannot be trusted any longer and that the taxes we pay towards service delivery has been abused to enrich the people we elected to lead us instead of uplifting society as a whole. Already we are seeing job losses thanks to mismanagement but as we move into…


James van der Hoven

Chief Disruptor

Unable to stop thinking and a desire to create a more just world, James has only one goal - to plant the seeds of questions in order for people to ask and become the ultimate best they can be.


Paula Gries

Chief Thinker

Master of mindful marketing and deep researcher, Paula ensures that the word of change gets out there to grow the Leaderless network.


Gavin Marshall

Chief Coinmaster

Gavin wants to create a sharing economy where human beings collaborate in a circular economy through the exchange of value(s). Our Chief Coinmaster teaches people about Crypto currencies.


Christelle Scheepers

Chief Translator

Fighter of justice and translator of words, Christelle has walked a journey with Leaderless and will play a vital role by ensuring that people will understand the content of this platform in their own language.


Edith Kennedy (MBA, Stell)

Social Chief

As chief of planning and execution, Edith reigns in the ideas and categorizes them into the edible bits for us to role out each phase successfully.


Dr. Adheesh Budree

Chief of eCommerce

Helping people deliver the products they make in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is what Adheesh does best for people.


Caoimhe Twohig Bennett.

Chief Greenspace

It is vitally important that the digital schools we build exist in natural environments where we will teach the fine art of switching off and reconnecting with our environment.


Prof. Chris van der Hoven

Chief Advisor

Years of experience in the disruption space, Chris is incredibly passionate and concerned about the inevitable changes we face on the horizon. His insight and guidance will help steer the course of Leaderless into the future.

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