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Help Us Fight Corruption and Greed

What if we chose to share, to collaborate, to see each other as equal?
Could we create a self-organising society unafraid of not having or being enough?


What does the future of education look like beyond the mindset of extraction where kids are sent to school, learn how to extract raw materials from under the earth and fight over the material products that make one person better than another?

Take Extreme ownership

We're going to build our own schools, our own universities, our own innovation hubs.

Volunteers, Retirees & Human Beings

We're going to build our own decentralised villages and we're going to need as many hands on deck as possible. Switch off your TV, get rid of the negativity and do something with purpose.

Admin, brick layers electricians...

No matter your background, we're going to need your help to move an entire nation into the Fourth Industrial Revolution - an age where we have an opportunity to make significant positive change in our world.

Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises

We have an opportunity to start fresh, to start over, to reboot the economy. Here we're inviting all SMME's to join Leaderless, adopt technology and learn how to work with other collaborative agencies to create a society we all want to live in.

Reboot the economy

We're asking all the Small, Medium and Micro companies to join Leaderless so that we help restart the economy.


Whether you're a loan developer running a small digital agency or a large digital agency, we need your help to change the way digital marketing will work in the future.

Join today to find out how we're going to do this and how you will benefit in the process.

Re-place corrupt governments

We're going to rebrand desire and re-place corrupt governments. We need your help to do so.


We're going to decentralise commerce, dilute corrupt power and bring about more equality in the world. Find out how you can collaborate with us to help make this a reality.

Build Mindful Communities

One decentralized innovation villages at a time, we are going to educate and pivot an entire nation into the digital age.


As we move into the age of digital disruption where more jobs will be replaced by technology, more people will move into jobs of purpose and meaning. We want to unite all the non profits so that we can start collaborating together and set the example of what the future might look like.

Meaningful, purposeful

What work are you doing? What can we do to help you do more of the already amazing work you're doing?